Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

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History of our Church

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church begin somewhere around 1875.
Around 1873 Rev. Jacob Hartley came to the area. He performed weddings, funerals and baptisms while holding services in someone's home, barn or outdoors. A minister brought spiritual support and guidance and prestige to the area. So about two years later in a small clearing near the existing cemetery a little log church was built in a clearing. There was a well dug near the church which was equipped with a bucket and rope. A hollowed out gourd served as the community dipper which hung nearby on a tree. Then there was a hollowed out log to water the thirsty horses. The cool little oasis became a regular stop for travelers on the dusty trail from Cave Springs to Rogers. So, the area was named Pleasant Grove


The little log church lasted for nearly a quarter of a century
until it was partly destroyed by a storm. The area was becoming more populated by that time so the members decided to tear down the old structure and to build a more substantial building. They decided to build a large one room white clap board building that became the center of social activities for the triangular area between Rogers, Lowell and Cave Spring.


Church was held every Sunday and it was a choice place for
weddings and funerals. During the week the building served as a gathering place for people in the area to gather for some laughter and fun. They were rural country folk who lived by the Golden Rule and when someone suffer loss at the hands of a disaster they would gather at the church for a benefit pie supper. The people in the community truly wanted to help one another and the pie socials served two purposes one the benefit those who had suffered loss and it was also a good opportunity to get together and enjoy one another's company.


Church membership grew, and Sunday services drew more people
than the little building could hold. Gene Corely, a Rogers resident, remembers going to church at Pleasant Grove when he was around 10. He said, "The church would be packed and there would be people hanging in through the open windows to hear the preacher." Corely went on to say, "You could hear them singing, 'Onward Christian Soldiers' away down the road"


They build onto the original structure, and the church
continued flourish during the war years. But when the war was over the economic focus had shifted from the rural to the urban. As a result of industry people took jobs in plants and were able to make better wages than they did farming. As the people moved to town they started going to church in town. As a result of all these factors church membership began to dwindle.


In the last 5 years the
church has undergone some major changes. The church that once was located near the corner of what we know as Dixieland and Pleasant Grove has moved. The church property excluding the cemetery was sold to a developer in early April of 2005. That meant a demolition crew had to come and tear down the old facility. Although that was a painful time for those who were part of the church, it was a time of "New Beginnings." The church relocated under the leadership of their pastor Rev. Rick Williams to their present location


Today Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is located at 2427 South
26th Street near the corner of Perry and South 26th Street, here in Rogers, Arkansas. We believe that Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has a bright future as it seeks to reach out to community, out lying areas and the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a church that is located near the corner of the crossroads of Perry and South 26th Street. It is our desire as a congregation to lift up the banner of the cross, so that people from every walk of life might have the opportunity to hear about our Savior.


We serve a God who has in His providence preserved this
church through times of adversity so He must have a purpose for us. We as a body want to be found faithful to Him. We want to seek Him, hear His voice and then respond in obedience. We pray in the days that are before us that our great God will use us in some way to make a difference for the Glory of God. This directory is therefore dedicated to all the faithful people who went before us to keep a Gospel witness in the community through Pleasant Grove Baptist Church